Why You Should be Moving in Winter

When you think of moving, winter doesn’t usually come to mind, but maybe it should. Could house-hunting and transport actually be easier and faster in those crisp winter days? Against first inclination, it just might, and here’s how!

Less Competition

Along with the tulips, spring makes a lot of buyers pop up, which means a lot of competition for buying. So, by winter, those buyers have already purchased, or are waiting for the next batch of tulips from the coming year. This means they are not there to bid up the price against you, meaning you can make a purchase faster, and cheaper. It might just make less ideal garden viewing in the meantime.

Better Customer Service

Fewer buyers means fewer customers splitting a Realtor’s attention. As an aspiring new home-owner, this means the Realtor can invest more time and energy into helping you find your ideal home. And, this makes both parties happy: you for getting their full attention, and the Realtor for getting business in a time of year that is slow for home purchasing.

Motivated Seller

With it being a slower season for real estate sales, those who do put a home on the market tend to have a strong motivation to sell. Maybe it’s a new baby or job on the way for them, but whatever it is, it means a chance at a price that jumps less, even a possibility of being able to get the home quite a bit cheaper than if you’d have been competing in the market earlier in the year.

Cheaper Transport

Along with possibly saving money on the home itself, moving companies also tend to have reduced prices. Sales come with less traffic from moving-vans, and fewer buyers needing to move their belongings. Cheaper, and more times available for transport, it makes for one less stressful thing to think about with your big decision, especially if you are buying around Christmas or New Years.

Contractors Are Easier to Get

Once in your new home, there may be those little things that you want fixed or changed before you settle, or even before you bring those last things over. Lucky for you, contractors are also less busy at this time, letting you get those alterations done quicker than in the busy seasons.

Maybe you were wondering if you should wait until spring, but were tempted to buy in winter. Hopefully these tips will help you decide whether you want to purchase now with little competition, or wait for perfect garden viewing weather.

Source: http://blog.remax.ca/moving-winter-actually-awesome/