“Sharon is professional, extremely patient, and willing to help in any way possible. We only go to Sharon when we have any need in buying or selling a property and recommend her to everyone. We didn’t  just find a good real estate agent, but [also] a friend.” Persephone C.

“Ms. Sharon Lum has been our selling real estate agent for the past two years. During this time she provided to us an outstanding service and results, and demonstrated high commitment to her work. We were quite impressed with a number of property showings as well as the advertising that she provided. Should we require real estate transaction in the future we would not hesitate to hire Sharon again and we highly recommend her service.” Dragomir T. & Gordana A.

“I had to sell my house earlier this year and Sharon guided me through every step. She even had her husband come in and help me fix up the walls, regrout some of the sinks, and change some of the lightbulbs. Sharon even personally helped me move furniture around as my house was being staged. When I received the offers, Sharon walked me through the pros and cons of all the offers. Sharon is so kind and accommodating.” Virginia C

“本人自台灣遷居加拿大,就于加拿大溫哥華之買賣房屋事宜, 承蒙您本于專業及多 年之不動産經驗,加以協助處理,使得相關各項事宜都得到最好之服務及完美結果。 爲此,本人特以此函向您獻上感謝之意” 吳國輝律師

“I’ve had the opportunity to deal with Sharon Lum on three occasions (twice as a buyer and once as a seller). On all occasions Sharon has displayed a high degree of integrity, honesty, and ethics. She has always provided me with current information that has allowed me to make sound decisions. I recommend Sharon Lum for anyone who would like a friendly, honest, and hard-working salesperson.” Frano Z

“Sharon was able to provide me with a clear insight of the real estate market… Sharon has proved herself to be a responsible, honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced Realtor®. As well, Sharon is diligent and conscientious. She reported to me and provided me with updated information on a regular basis. Also, Sharon possesses good marketing knowledge and skill. ” Lilian F.

“She had always acted in the most professional and caring way and I have the greatest respect for her and can highly recommend her.” Tibor K

“今天,我寫這封信是要感謝您幫我處理賣屋的事情。謝謝您,在我想賣屋的時候,認真的找資料,解釋給我聽,您很認真。謝謝您,在我想知道當地售屋狀況時,提供了很多咨詢,您很專業。謝謝您,來來回回說明給我聽,您的服務真好,再次謝謝您!敬祝 事業更上壹層樓” 鄭太太 致謝

“Her experience and expertise in the Vancouver real estate market are unsurpassed. Her professionalism and dedication to her clients ensured that we successfully negotiated the best price and terms for our purchase in a very difficult market. She was always available for questions and follow- up as the need arose. We do not hesitate to recommend her services.” Scott and Elinor D.

“She is honest, reliable and prompt in updating the related news. She provided useful information; her work and negotiation skills were exceptional. Sharon provided me with the property listings that really matched my needs. The challenges I had to purchase my new property were beyond my expectations; however Sharon was always with me to think of a way out and try all means of ways to achieve my goal.” Shirley L

“During my business dealings with Sharon I was always impressed with her negotiating skills, especially when it came to presenting an offer. I’ve come to appreciate and rely on her expertise in real estate. Sharon is a professional who works hard for her clients. She demonstrates a strong commitment to her career.” Donna W

“Vancouver對從台灣移民過來的我而言, 不論在氣候,人文,及小孩子的教育上都是一個非常適合居住的城市, 當時我想如果能夠再找到一間合意的房子那就更棒了。很幸運的認識了Sharon Lum, 經過她的介紹我購買了在這個美麗土地上的第一間房子,因爲是第一次所以也就特別用心及專注在整個購屋的課題上。Sharon 態度親切,資訊透明,誠信負責,專業有效率。她有問必答,言而有信。難能可貴的是她預先將這些做統計、整理、分析,使我很快就能做出正確的決策。

再次感謝她用心協助,我相信她是一位令人滿意而且值得信賴的地産經紀人。” Hsilung C

“We cannot thank you enough for going about and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable with the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new home. Your attention to detail gave us great comfort in knowing that we were making right decisions all along the way. Your kind and patient demeanor meant that we could always look to you for sensible advice.” Victor and Gwen C.

“Sharon was very conscientious and diligent. For our most recent purchase, Sharon’s experience and tactfulness really came through. Sharon managed to get the deal done by structuring a rather ingenious offer. Our friendship was the reason we used Sharon for our first home purchase, but her professionalism is why we continue using her services.” Rick and Mary L

“各位朋友您們好!我係仇太,2011年由朋友介紹認識已有20幾年地産經驗(林麗儀) Sharon Lum地産經紀幫我賣屋, 幾星期後已售出,價錢我很滿意。之後Sharon又幫我搵到一間我非常喜歡的屋,多謝您Sharon。我好欣賞Sharon 辦事能力,勤、快、妥當、有專業操守、善解人意,值得我推薦給大家的好經紀。如要買賣樓房, 搵Sharon幫手係您明智選擇。” 仇太啓