Erickson’s Steel House

Eppich House II: A stunning iconic Canadian masterpiece designed by Arthur Erickson that he called his ‘Most Complete Work.’ A one-of-a-kind steel and glass home which was custom built by the owners with every detail created to perfection. An absolutely breathtaking property which has been featured around the globe in magazines and film transcending from a visual and natural experience that is tranquil and refined in every way. This totally private 1.18 acre sun drenched oasis with a flowing creek and approx. 6,000 sqft of living space includes gorgeous carriage house and is simply irreplaceable. The details are extraordinary including all furnishings designed by Erickson and his team. A Canadian Landmark in West Vancouver and recently listed for $16.8 million.


As the modern world has moved toward machine-made goods, Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield (1902) is one of the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. This film documents ‘Putter’ Cliff Denton who is a ‘putter togetherer of scissors.’ Filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth captures the story of how these household tools are put together and perfected in this beautiful, wordless short which went viral in the US creating orders and saving the manufacturer from closing its doors.


A full-size replica of the 1,500-horsepower supercar from Bugatti with only the wheels, tires and front badge not being made from Lego pieces. All functional parts including lights, speedometer, brakes and rising rear wing use actual Lego Technic parts. Lego reports that all significant structural and load-bearing parts of this model are fully made from Technic parts without any reinforcements or gluing of parts.

This Lego build consists of over 1 million pieces in total, weighs in at about 3,300 pounds and took over 13,000 work hours to finish. At an average of 10 cents a piece, and looking at the scale model kit of the Bugatti Chiron would make the build price just north of $100,000 USD; one tenth the cost of a real Chiron.