Water Lover’s Dream in Point Grey – $28,000,000

A water lover’s dream. Floor to ceiling windows, looking out to the iridescent water. Mountains lead the way to the infinite horizon of translucent, cyan waters. This home features a roof top patio, with glass paneled railing, allowing leisure watching of the ocean waves, smelling the crisp, salty air. And, there is plenty of space for a guest to enjoy the view alongside the owner, or even a full cast of party guests.

A nearby dock summons the owner for a seaward adventure, whether for a celebration or a tranquil sail. Maybe guests will join, those who were mesmerized by the water, sipping wine in an evening daydream that sparkles off the water.

In the other direction is the city, so that amenities are easily within reach—such as more wine. Boats speckle the water between the waterfront home and the city in the not-so-far distance. The tall glass sky rises reflect the blue of the ocean.

Inside the home has the warmth of amber wood floors and accents, contrasting the view outside. The white brightens the already well-lit home, highlighted by dark accents. Tall ceilings make room for taller windows, to maximize light. The sunlight allows time spent busy in the home to be easier, and leisure time more relaxed. Time spent reading doesn’t require squinting at the pages, and screens don’t cause a mild shock to the senses.

The luxury comes alive with golden touches, such as around the skylight and golden chandeliers. This 5-bedroom home is located on the prestigious ‘Golden Mile’ of Point Grey Road: a luxurious, water lover’s dream. And, wait until sunset, and watch the ocean catch the sunset fire.

Listed with Tom Gradecak.
Source: LuxuryHomes.com