How to Sell Your Home in Fall

Fall harkens the slow motion half of year: the lethargic falling of leaves, cozy blankets making sleeping in way too tempting, as well as a slow down for the real estate market. Don’t be discouraged! There are a few simple things you can do to attract those trying to move before the bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Exterior – Cleanup

Might as well start with what buyers will see first: outside. Maybe you were thinking of waiting to rake up those leaves, or collecting them for jumping into a nice fluffy stack of them. Well, you might just need to bring that rake out early, along with some other tools for the following:

  • Collecting up debris
  • Raking up leaves
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Bush and Tree Trimming

Has the snow come? Making sure the driveway and walkway are constantly clear, even for last minute viewings, help make the home more welcoming. But also, double check that there isn’t any ice or compact snow where viewers will be walking.

Exterior – Autumn Adornments
Cleaned up the exterior and it still looks a little dingy? Picking up some pails of warm coloured paints might just be the trick! With chilly mornings on the rise, threatening to claim the midday, the warm colours draw in the scarf adorn viewers.

Some seasonal flowers can help the colour punch, as well as some well-placed pumpkins and lights to lead the way.
A quick recap:

  • A Warm Coat of Paint
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Lights (and possibly pumpkins!)

Interior – Cleanup
It’s a good idea to declutter. A few well-placed pieces of décor can help, but too many little things is distracting.
As well as decluttering, cleaning the windows helps for a more polished look, and helps the light come in better. If you have a fireplace, cleaning it up will make it look ready for use!

Interior – Sprucing Up
So now, the exterior is bringing the buyers in, the interior is cleaned up, but to make them hang up their jacket and scarf… Might want some of the same exterior tricks for the interior. You might want another few pails to warm up the interior. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference, smoothing out a few scratches in the busier rooms, such as the living room and kitchen. For light in the interior, you will want to open the blinds and curtains, let in that flattering, natural light. It is also worth your time to invest in some décor to accent. A few well-chosen pieces of décor can help give more personality, and show extra care.

And for the final touch, try putting a little vanilla in the oven!