Five Steps to a More Luxurious Home

They say, “A man’s home is his castle”. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually live in a castle! We all daydream from time to time about living in a big, luxury mansion. It’s fun to think about living a life full of glitz and glamour. While we can’t all afford a mansion, there are ways that you can make your home look and feel more luxurious. Read on to find out how.

  1. De-clutter. The most luxurious homes these days usually adopt a minimalist aesthetic. You can adopt this style yourself by clearing off your countertops, windowsills, tabletops, and anything else that is flat and horizontal. Doing so opens up the sight lines throughout the house, making the layout and design the focal point rather than the clutter.
  2. Paint it white. Another simple way to bring this look to your home is to paint the walls white. While colourful walls add visual interest, it’s very difficult to do them well. Off-whites are to be avoided as well, as theyyou’re your home appear dimmer. True white instantly gives high-end feel, making your home feel as prestigious as a gallery.
  3. Dress up the windows. Window coverings can make or break a room. Mismatched blinds and outdated curtains can instantly drag the whole mood of the room down, making it appear old and cheap. Each room should have clean, matching window treatments, even if it’s simply made-to-measure blinds from the hardware store. Unity is the key to success. It’s also vital that the windows are clean; nothing brightens the mood of a room than natural light through crystal-clear windows.
  4. Cover the floor. From sleek New York penthouses to sprawling English manors, the most luxurious residences usually have a Persian kilim rug. They are a timeless way to add class to every type of home. Faux fur rugs are another trendy way to give your home a luxurious feel.
  5. Add texture. Make use of luxurious materials such as velvet, cashmere, and faux fur. It’s not necessary to replace or even re-upholster all of your furniture; throw pillows and blankets will suffice. A faux-fur blanket draped strategically on the edge of a well-worn couch can create a lovely, cozy feel.

With these five tips in mind, your home will become a luxurious retreat in no time.