Easy and Elegant Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just one week away! If you haven’t decorated yet, now is the time. Dressing up your home for the holidays is the best way to get into a festive mood. Whether your goal is to get your home ready for Christmas, or to create a warm atmosphere for an open house, here are some simple tips to help create an elegant, festive atmosphere.

  1. Does your living room have a mantel? Mantels often serves as a focal point for decorating, but it’s very easy to over-decorate with a too many baubles and trinkets. Stick with just a few items, such as a simple wreath and a trio of candles, to keep it classy.
  2. Looking for a creative way to display all of your Christmas cards? Try stringing them along your staircase! Attach some twine running from the top of the stairs to the bottom, and attach
  3. Red and green are the standard Christmas colours, but if they’re not your cup of tea, try going for another classic – silver and gold! Whether it’s a wall piece, a miniature tree, or an ornament, these metallic tones complement almost any home’s decor and they always look sophisticated. For a modern twist, try implementing bronze pieces!
  4. Bring a little snow indoors! For a unique way to decorate your windows, cut a few strands of fishing line and attach a few white and silver miniature gift bows to each one. Tape them to your window frame, being sure to stagger the bows, and watch your window sparkle.
  5. Looking for a last-minute centerpiece? Dip a handful of clear vintage Christmas light bulbs in green, red, and gold paint, and arrange them in a candy bowl for a creative display.

Getting your home ready for Christmas doesn’t have to involve hours coordinating colour schemes and finding the perfect placement! These simple decorating ideas will have your home beautiful and ready in no time. Happy holidays!

Source: https://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/christmas/christmas-decor#plaid-outdoor-bow