Second + Main: Microsuites that Don’t Seem so Micro

Who wouldn’t want to live in Vancouver? In this city you can admire the magnificent mountains, walk the sprawling beaches and enjoy the highest quality restaurants! These are just a small idea of the breathtaking activities you can be a part of.

When choosing to live in Vancouver you want to be a part of every little aspect that makes this city exceptional. The biggest problem with this is that many homes located in the heart of Vancouver and in the heart of the action make you feel confined with little ability to do as you wish. That is the brilliance of the trendy and spacious microsuites!

Using spacious to describe a microsuite may seem laughable; however there is no better way to describe the new Second + Main development. At the head of this amazing new project are Create Properties and Northchild Developments. Not only are these developments in the heart of a bustling area, they will adjoin tall new buildings across East 2nd Avenue as well as be alongside Mainstreet in South East False Creek.
To help you understand how amazing living in these microsuites will be, we have compiled a list of all the benefits of living at the Second + Main complex!

1. Location, location, location!

When deciding to live in Vancouver a big part of that decision is where your home is located. The development, Second + Main is right in between two bustling areas, Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant. By choosing this area, you are mere steps away from both trendy areas as well as the newly revamped Chinatown!

2. Spacious

Second + Main has a total of 233 units in a 12 storey complex, with a variety of units to choose from. Each unit, whether it is a microsuite or two to three bedroom homes will be designed to maximize all useable living space. This means that regardless of your lifestyle there is a perfect unit for you!

3. Trendy Interior

Don’t think that because this development is focused on microsuites that it will feel cramped. Each unit will feature trendy, exciting interiors designed to achieve comfort, efficiency as well as spaciousness! In order to achieve this amount of space and a great sense of openness, units come with impeccable built-in furnishings. So, no need to worry about bringing your own couch and bed – they’re already there for you!

4. Unique lifestyle

Living in a microsuite provides you with the opportunity and freedom to live whatever unique lifestyle you choose! In order to have your space fit your needs you can customize your preferences. Choose to have a kitchen island, extra storage space, or even a second bedroom. You have the freedom to pick whatever your heart desires!

5. Bring on the amenities

This building truly has it all. From a fireside lounge, kitchens with barbecues, to shared gardens and a gorgeous shared roof terrace, this building was designed around the idea of community. Here you are able to enjoy stunning views overlooking the cityscapes of Vancouver, the North Shore and beyond, all while entertaining your many guests. Not only is it the perfect place for the warm summer months; it also offers an indoor entertainment room as well as a state-of-the-art fitness centre for the cold wet winters!

6. Friendly neighbours

Busy lives make it hard to have genuine interactions with our neighbours, but Second + Main allows you to branch out and truly get to know them. Not only are you able to interact with your neighbours while using the fantastic shared amenities in the building, you will also be so close to frequented places in the surrounding neighbourhoods, that you almost have no choice but to interact! So go on and get to know your neighbours!

7. Cyclists Dream

With the microsuite situated close to the intersection between Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant, all you cycling enthusiasts have access to numerous bike paths right at your fingertips! You could easily hop on the Ontario bike path, turn onto the seaside route and arrive at the seawall in less than 30 minutes!

8. Craft beer

Craft breweries are in their hay-day in Vancouver, and that’s great news for you! There are a large number of exceptional local breweries within walking distance, so when you are in need of a great local drink there’s a place for you!