Six Trends Luxury Buyers Expect in 2017

Luxury real estate exists on an entirely different level than regular real estate. Everything is bigger, better, more advanced. When buying a home, a special feature the average buyer might look for is a nice yard. Luxury buyers, on the other hand, already expect to have a nice yard. They’ll even take it a step further by adding an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space to the list of requirements.

So what are these elite home buyers looking for this year?

  1. With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, luxury buyers unsurprisingly expect everything in their home to be teched-out. From regulating heated floor temperatures, to viewing video security footage on a smartphone, luxury homes are to be as automated as possible.
  2. The “location, location, location” spiel may be old, but it still rings true to the luxury market. Buyers are looking for homes located in close proximity to recreation – ski-in, ski-out homes are very hot right now. Privacy is also a top priority for luxury buyers, making mountain getaways even more appealing for this market.
  3. Bathrooms should resemble a spa. Steam shower, separate soaker tub, and lots and lots of space. This is the place for luxury buyers to relax and unwind, and they expect nothing else than the best for this space.
  4. Luxury buyers are always looking for the latest kitchen gadgets. One of these trends in 2017 is a built-in wok. The steam and smoke is easily carried away with high-quality overhead exhaust systems, making the cooking experience a lot simpler and cleaner.
  5. Luxury buyers expect so much more than a nice yard. They need heated weatherproofed living spaces, decked out barbecue areas, pizza ovens, and lots of comfortable seating to really enjoy their outdoor spaces.
  6. We’ve just gotten over one of the coldest, snowiest winters in recent memory. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you weren’t constantly shovelling all that snow off your driveway? Luxury buyers certainly think so. Heated driveways are expected to experience a boom this year, making snowy driveways a thing of the past.

Luxury buyers will always expect the best, and they are always chasing the latest trends. It will be interesting to see what other trends pop up throughout the year.