The Top Home Décor Trends of 2017

Wondering how you can update your home for 2017? Whether you’re planning on selling, or just looking to renovate, here are the top 15 décor trends that will keep your home on trend this year.

  1. Natural Wood. While smooth, polished spaces have held the limelight for the past few years, expect wooden textures to make a comeback this year. The timeless warmth and charm of natural wood cabinets, harvest tables, and shiplap statement walls never truly go out of style, and will add appeal to your home for years to come.
  2. Green Walls. Green walls add a lovely splash of colour to your home without being too overbearing.
  3. Butterflies. One of the most unexpected items to come out of this list, butterfly décor is forecasted to flock to many homes this year. The simple beauty of the butterfly will complement the aforementioned green walls as wallpaper, pillows, decorative objects, and more.
  4. Open Shelving. Open shelving has been on the rise for a while now, but it will really start to take off in 2017. By putting all of your pots, pans, and plates on display, your kitchen will instantly look more professional and be much more accessible. No more rummaging through your cupboards to find just the right bowl—it’s right there on the shelf!
  5. Black Factory Doors and Windows. While not everyone wants to live in a loft, there’s no denying that the loft style is extremely popular. Homeowners are borrowing some of their design ideas by adding factory doors and windows. It gives your home an instant “cool” factor while allowing in lots of natural light.
  6. Wallpaper Where You Least Expect it. Last year saw a huge boon for wallpaper – more designs than ever at increasingly affordable prices. This year, we will see wallpaper used beyond its original purpose to decorate closets, open shelving, and even backsplashes.
  7. Marble. Marble never goes out of style, and it really makes your home feel a lot more luxurious.
  8. Black Kitchens. White has dominated kitchen designs for the past couple years, but now black will have its turn to shine. Paired with gold and white, black kitchens add a ton of class and glamour.
  9. Velvet. In case you didn’t know, velvet dominated the fashion industry in 2016. Look for velvet to make its way into home décor in 2017 with luxurious pillows, bedding, curtains, and more. It’s especially relevant in these colder months, as it adds so much warmth and depth.
  10. Black Fixtures. Try pairing black light fixtures or a black faucet with an all-white room. The contrast is an inexpensive alternative to fully renovating an out-dated white room.
  11. Technology. The tech sector has been growing exponentially in the past few years; expect to see it cross over into home technology in 2017. From app-controlled heating and cooling, to refrigerators that can text you their contents while you’re shopping for groceries, Smart Homes are going to be huge this year.
  12. Intricate Tile. While the simplicity of white walls and dark wood furnishings is lovely on its own, homeowners are realizing that intricate displays of tile will go a long way to add personality and style to a home’s décor.
  13. Tile to Wood Transitions. Tile and wood are both going to be very popular this year, particularly in flooring, so be on the watch for integrations of the two. Whether creating separate areas in open-concept spaces or unifying the borders between rooms, this is one trend that will be really interesting to watch in 2017.
  14. Cork Walls. Cork walls have been slowly on the rise in the design world for years, but they will really explode in 2017. Cork walls are a great texture and add a lot of functionality. A floor-to-ceiling wall of corkboard could serve a home base for the whole family to post memos, shopping lists, permission slips, and anything else for safekeeping.
  15. Hidden Rooms. No, we’re not talking about secret passageways and underground dungeons. Think murphy beds that instantly transform the living room into an extra bedroom, and kitchens that blend into one long wall. This sort of functionality embraces the minimalist movement while remaining stylish and modern.That’s what you can expect to see in homes this year. Which one will you try in your home?

Source: Remax.ca